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Why is Cord Blood Banking Important?

Banking your baby’s cord blood with Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group offers hope should your child develop a disease or illness. Cord blood has life-saving potential, not only for the original donor but also for a sibling or another patient. A Powerful Weapon Against Future Illness Cord blood banking is a vital matter for all … Continue reading Why is Cord Blood Banking Important?

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Medical Uses for Cord Blood

Although cord blood therapy is still a relatively new medical treatment (the first successful transplant came in 1988), it has become an essential regenerative treatment. It holds even more promise for the future. Doctors now use cord blood in treating more than 80 illnesses, and, as an obstetrician can tell you, research continues into using … Continue reading Medical Uses for Cord Blood

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The Breakthroughs of Cord Blood Banking

My son James was my “oops” baby at 36 years old. After two beautiful daughters, we thought our family was complete. Sometimes life is not what we plan. James seemed normal but after some failed developmental milestones, we went to a specialist and James was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). At that time, we … Continue reading The Breakthroughs of Cord Blood Banking

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