Cord Blood Banking

The umbilical cord helps to keep the fetus alive and healthy during pregnancy. After birth, this cord is typically cut and discarded. More than ever parents are electing to save the blood from the umbilical cord, known as cord blood which has been known to be life changing for families.

The Umbilical cord blood is known to contain potentially life-saving stems cells. When used in hematopoietic stem cells transplantation, umbilical cord blood offers several distinct advantages over bone marrow or peripheral stem cells.

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What is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood banking refers to the collection and storage of the blood produced by the umbilical cord. This blood is rich in stem cells, and thus has many different medical uses. Cord blood transplants are standard therapies for nealy 80 diseases including the following:


  • Blood Disease
  • Cancers
  • Immune System Disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Solid Tumors (Neuroblastoma)
  • Bone Marrow Failure

Cord blood banking is useful mostly for future treatment of the baby from which they were drawn. That’s because the blood and stem cells will be a 100% match for the child from which they were taken. Cord blood may also be effective when used to treat a sibling of the child the blood was taken from.

Why do families bank their baby’s cord blood and tissue?

Cord blood transplants are standard therapies for nearly 80 diseases. More recently, cord blood use has expanded into clinical trials in the area of regenerative medicine in an effort to help kids with conditions such as autism and cerebral palsy.

Cord tissue contains special types of stem cells–mesenchymal cells which are showing great potential in regenerative medicine for the future treatment of medical conditions affecting cartilage, muscles, and nerve cells. Additionally, a significant amount of research is underway to better understand if cord tissue stem cells can help conditions once thought untreatable such as Parkinson’s disease, type 1 diabetes, and autism.

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How does Cord Blood Banking Work?

In order for the cord blood to maintain its usefulness, it must be stored immediately after childbirth. The process for cord blood banking:

  • Childbirth occurs as normal.
  • After the umbilical cord is cut, it is clamped to preserve the blood within.
  • This blood is drained in to a special collection bag, itself a small part of a larger collection kit.
  • This blood is stored at a precise temperature in a special container.
  • This container is shipped to a blood bank, which stores the cord blood for future use.

The terms of the blood bank agreement will vary depending on which company or organization is used. This is also true of cord blood banking cost.

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Are you thinking about banking your baby’s cord blood? There are virtual and interactive classes led by either an OBGYN provider or a nurse that can help you learn more:

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