How To Reach Your Midwives

For Non-Urgent Matters:

  1. Athena – Patient Portal
    We strongly suggest using the Patient Portal for a timely response regarding non-urgent medical questions (you can view lab results, schedule appointments, etc.).
    When sending your message, select “Midwifery” under Provider.
  2. Option 1: Regular office phone hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday.
    You can call us directly at (949) 829-5500.
    Please note: If a voicemail message is left, it is only checked during the phone hours above.

For URGENT Issues (such as any warning signs, below, or if you think/know you are in LABOR): ** ALWAYS CALL: (949) 829-5500 **

  1. During office phone hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm): Choose option 1 (“Midwives”) to be connected to a midwife.
  2. After-Hours (4:00pm -8:30 am & weekends/holidays): The night exchange service will automatically answer, take a message, and connect you to the midwife on call.

*** If you have an urgent matter and are having difficulty getting ahold of a midwife in a timely manner, please call:

  1. Saddleback Women’s Hospital: If you have trouble getting through on the telephone, call Saddleback Memorial’s Labor and Delivery unit directly at (949) 452-7067.
  2. The Fudge Family Birthing Suites: If you have trouble getting through on the telephone, call the Fudge Family Birthing Suites @ Hoag Hospital Irvine at (949) 517-3223.  


WHEN to “Call the Midwife”: Warning Signs to report Immediately:

  • When you feel very strong contractions every 3-5 minutes for at least one-hour if this is your first baby, or every 5-7 minutes if this not your first baby.
  • Experience heavy, bright red vaginal bleeding (if more than spotting which can be common and usually not concerning especially after sex or a cervical exam)
  • Gush or flow (may even be small trickles but repetitive) of water from your vagina
  • Any hard falls especially if your belly is hit or any other belly trauma
  • High fever: above 101 degrees
  • Severe abdominal (stomach) or shoulder pain with or without vomiting
  • Notice a marked decrease in fetal movements

** Both your and baby’s well-being are our priority! Do not hesitate to call at any time for emergencies INCLUDING LABOR and any warning signs above (or other worrisome symptoms that cannot wait). **

Dear Patient,

We are here for you. Due to COVID-19 and staff shortage, you may experience longer wait times on the phone and in the lobbies. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to service you as effectively as possible!

Your safety and our staff’s safety are important to us, we have made changes to accommodate and provide high-quality care.

PLEASE NOTE: All patients are required to wear a face mask prior to entering the office. Please refer to our COVID-19 Page for our updated Visitor Policy.

Thank you for understanding.

In Good Health,

OCWMG Physicians