How to Donate Cord Blood

Cord blood donation is a fairly simple process that is painless for mother and child and offers others the opportunity to receive potentially life-saving therapy. If you want to donate cord blood for public use, you should discuss the matter with your obstetrician first. Here is some additional information about the process.

In the Delivery Room

The collection procedure involves cutting the umbilical cord once the delivering doctor has clamped off the cord. From there, a collection specialist takes responsibility for preserving and delivering the cord to the bank, where it is cryogenically frozen for research or regenerative therapy.

California’s Collection Program

California’s Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program is overseen by the University of California Davis Health System. It collects donations from hospitals in dense population areas, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. If you and your obstetrician or midwife plan to deliver in one of these areas, check to see if your hospital participates by visiting the UC Davis website.

Deadline to Register and Consent

Many public cord blood banks cannot process donation requests right away, so they require expectant mothers to register before the 34th week of pregnancy. They will not accept donations after the deadline. Cord for Life has also adopted this cut-off time frame. To donate, moms first must complete a screening process that focuses on your health history. You must also complete an informed consent form that guides you through the process of how the stem cells will be collected, stored and used, as well as any risks.

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