Surgery Disability

You may receive disability forms from your employer to be completed, this is separate from the state disability insurance. All forms that need to be completed should be dropped off at your Dr.’s office (signed) or emailed to the disability coordinator as a PDF. ( ) Please include the first day of your disability leave, as well as the day you plan to return to work.

    • You may apply for SDI (state disability insurance) through the state by applying online at or by submitting an original EDD form to our office. Please note: if you decide to complete a paper EDD form, the process takes longer than submitting one electronically.
    • When you are ready to complete your disability through the state, please make sure you are completing an SDI claim. Once you complete that claim, you will then receive a receipt number. You will then need to send that receipt number to the disability email located at the end of this packet. Please do not send the receipt numbers through your patient portal as our system blocks the number and we cannot read it. You can also call us with that number. If you choose to do so you may leave that number on our voice mail as it is confidential.
    • Once we receive your receipt number, we will then complete the rest of the process. Once its completed, you will then be notified.
    • The start day for your disability should be the same day as your surgery unless stated otherwise by your doctor. Your doctor will also let you know when you can return to work. Please let the disability coordinator know those dates.
    • For any EDD forms completed electronically, it takes 2-3 business days for it to show on their website after we submit the claim.
    • Paper forms may take longer, after mailing it out it can take up to 6 weeks
    • There is a 7-day waiting period which is unpaid. You will then receive payment after 14 days. EDD uses a 7-day work week, not 5. Therefore, if your disability runs out on a Monday, Tuesday, etc. that would be the end date.
    • Any forms that need to be completed is $15 for each form. If 3 or more forms are needed $45 will be the MAX charge. This applies to any spouse or caregiver forms that are needed to be processed.
    • Any correction forms, extension forms, and return to work forms are NO CHARGE.
    • We do not submit any of these form fees to insurance and these fees are non-negotiable unless stated otherwise.
    • If you have any questions on this, please reach out to the disability department.
  1. Orange Coast Woman’s Medical Group
    24411 Health center Dr. Suite 200
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Disability Phone: 949-829-5500 EXT 37348

    Employment Development Department (EDD)
    P.O. BOX 989777
    West Sacramento, CA 95798-9777
    Disability Phone: 1-800-480-3287


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