Why is Cord Blood Banking Important?

Banking your baby’s cord blood with Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group offers hope should your child develop a disease or illness. Cord blood has life-saving potential, not only for the original donor but also for a sibling or another patient.

A Powerful Weapon Against Future Illness

Cord blood banking is a vital matter for all parents. While not fail-proof, it does offer some “insurance” against future illnesses. This blood is not only guaranteed to be compatible, but it is also a source of stem cells that are still in an early stage of development. This high-quality, pre-condition stage makes them invaluable as a weapon in fighting the illness.

Siblings and Others May Also Benefit

Cord blood stem cells may also offer the same treatment potential to siblings of the donor, who stand a good chance (50 – 75%) of being compatible. It also may help other, non-family patients who are a suitable match. Due to their early stage of development, these stem cells can adapt quickly to new systems, and patients have fewer side effects as well.

How Cord Blood Treatment Works

Tissues and blood in a baby’s umbilical cord have a significant number of stem cells because they are essentially the building blocks of the infant’s organs and immune system. They also serve to produce additional blood and tissue throughout the body. During a transplant procedure, doctors inject stem cells from banked cord blood directly into the patient’s bloodstream. From there, the stem cells travel to damaged body areas, where they work to repair cells and tissues.

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