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Virtual Care Made Easy

Our number one priority is the health and safety of all the members of our community. While we practice social distancing during this unprecedented time, it’s important for us to continue to deliver efficient care and services. We are still here to help.

We are excited to announce Telemedicine to our practice! This new HIPAA-compliant messaging app is a virtual way to communicate and connect with your provider from the comfort of your home.

Make an appointment today by contacting our appointment line at (949) 829-5533 or via the Patient Portal.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of how to set up an account, what to expect from your visit, what providers are available via Telemedicine, and more.

Tips & FAQ

  1. Just like an in-office visit, your doctor can sometimes run a little behind. When this happens, the most important thing to do is just stay on the app and wait for them.

    As a best practice, we recommend checking-in to your appointment 10-15 minutes before your appointment starts. This lets your doctor know that you’re online, ready, and waiting! If you end up waiting for an inordinate amount of time, or you need to reschedule/modify your appointment, you will need to reach out to your doctor’s office directly.

  2. While on a video visit, we suggest using the best possible connection available to you.

    • Ethernet

    For desktops and laptops, if it is possible to plug into an ethernet adapter, that should be used.

    • Wi-Fi

    If ethernet is not available, Wi-Fi is recommended, as it is for all mobile applications.

    • Mobile Data

    Mobile data may be spotty, even if the antennae bar is at maximum. Mobile services tend to disconnect and reconnect arbitrarily in an attempt at optimization, and therefore, is not recommended if it can be avoided.

    * Be sure your area is clear of noise and distractions, especially when not using a headset or dedicated microphone on your device. *

  3. Are you looking to test your camera and microphone before your appointment? Great idea as this is something we highly recommend everyone doing!

    1. Just log in with your Chiron account credentials, click on “Welcome”, and in the drop-down select “Video test”. You will be guided with simple steps as you go through the testing process.

    2. Will you be using this computer and internet for your upcoming appointment? Select “Yes” to continue.

    3. Can you see yourself? Once you see yourself click “Yes” to continue.

    *Note: Give the screen a little time to access and load the camera. If it does not, you should see a prompt in the upper right corner. Click “Allow” to give access to your camera and microphone.*

    4. The microphone test will run by itself. Just speak at a normal tone and your voice will be detected. Once this is complete, you will see “Microphone sounds good!”. Click “Next” to continue.

    5. The speaker test will sound off chimes. When you hear these chimes, simply click “Yes” to continue.

    6. When you are done click “View Appointments” to return to your appointment page.

  4. Are you having problems being heard in your video visit? If so, try these troubleshooting steps below:

    *Note: These instructions pertain to you joining your appointment via the web, and not smartphone or tablet*

    On your Windows 10 Taskbar, you can view an icon of the Speaker on the System Tray. Right click on it to pick the Sounds menu

    This will bring the Sounds window on your screen. In the Recording tab of Sounds window, you will notice the microphone, which is active, i.e. the one with a green tick mark. Right click on the active microphone and select its Properties

    Take yourself to the Levels tab of Microphone Properties. This tab exhibits you two sections: Microphone and Microphone Boost.

    Use the sliders to modify your volume settings. You can take the Microphone Boost slider up to +40 dB. To save the changes, don’t forget to click Ok button. If you do the modification while the conversation goes on then you will get the immediate feedback of the output sound from the end user and so you can adjust the volume using the sliders.

  5. Here are some common error messages you may encounter when starting your video visit, as well as solutions to resolve these errors:

    “Please allow your camera and microphone”

    • Go to the upper-right corner of your Chrome window, and press the camera icon. Ensure that it is set to “Always allow access of my camera and microphone.”

    “Invalid email or password”

    • Please confirm your email address and password are the same as you have previously set up. If you have not previously set a password, check for your appointment email in your inbox and press “Confirm Details” to continue.
    • You can also press “Forgot Password” to recover your password, if you know your correct email address.

    “We were unable to verify your information. Please review and submit again.”

    • Make sure your phone number and date of birth matches what your practitioner has on file for you.

    “Credit Card number is invalid”

    • Confirm you have entered in your 16 digit credit card number with no spaces or dashes.

Dear Patient,

We are here for you. Due to Covid and staff shortage, you may experience longer wait times on the phone and in the lobbies. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to service you as effectively as possible!

Your safety and our staff’s safety are important to us, we have made changes to accommodate and provide high-quality care:

Telemedicine Visits are still available and office appointments are spread out to limit the number of patients in our lobby.

PLEASE NOTE: All patients are required to wear a face mask prior to entering the office. NO visitors or children will be permitted.

Thank you for understanding.

In Good Health,

OCWMG Physicians