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Pelvic Reconstruction

Pelvic Reconstruction surgery is performed to correct defects in the connective tissue within the pelvis including cystocele (falling bladder), rectocele, and uterine and vaginal vault prolapse.  


Half of all women who have given birth have some degree of pelvic prolapse. The condition is more common with increased age.

Some of the signs of a pelvic floor disorder include:
  • Urine leaks when you sneeze, jump, or lift something heavy
  • A feeling of heaviness, fullness, or pulling in the pelvis
  • A sensation that something is falling out of your vagina
  • Pain during sex
  • Difficulty having a bowel movement or emptying your bladder
Fortunately, there are treatments available.  Lifestyle changes, such as avoiding caffeine or losing weight, may resolve the problem. Medication also may help. Other therapies include pelvic strengthening exercises known as Kegels. A variety of different techniques can be used including traditional surgery, repairing your own tissues and newer technologies incorporating the use of graft material to strengthen the repair.
According to Dr. Marc Winter, “there are several new types of surgery available for women with more severe symptoms of organ prolapse. These new options include graft vaginal repairs and robotic laparoscopic procedures." One option involves placing mesh netting on the pelvic floor. Over time, tissue grows through the mesh, which helps strengthen and support the pelvic floor. These minimally invasive procedures help relieve women’s symptoms and may reduce the risk for reoccurrence.
For more information about Pelvic reconstruction visit www.pelvichealthsolutions.com/prolapse


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